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Role of Memories in Modern Counseling

Our memories create the substance of our identity. People who lose their memory may lose any sense of who they are. Some of us have memories of painful events in our childhood, or of traumas that changed the image of ourself. Those of us who were abused by parents have to learn in adulthood to fill those gaps by becoming good parents to ourselves and our families. Some of us have become trapped at a younger stage of development by painful memories. Now, it is essential to our healing that we not perpetuate our own abuse.

We have to learn to include ourselves in the human family. No matter what we experienced, no matter what we feel, it is all part of what it means to be human. We can heal our memories, not by changing them, but by making peace with them so we are free to live in the present. A man can imagine the little boy he once was—and imagine taking that youngster on his lap and promising him that he will take care of him and keep him safe. There are several effective tools to making peace with our childhood memories and professional counseling is a great place to start. For more information, please call for a free consultation.

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