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Erickson Counseling & Mediation PLLC

Mental Health Counseling

Child/adolescent & adult counseling

Civil & Divorce Mediation

Collaborative divorce

Parent Coordination/Facilitation


Michael D. Erickson LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

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Corporate, Civil, Divorce, or Custody Mediation
CPS certified.
Mental Health Counseling
Adults, Adolescents, Children, or Families.
Recovery Specialist
Substance abuse counseling and treatment planning.
Child Specialist
Child specialist for divorce and custody arrangements.  CPS trained and certified.


It is your right as a consumer to hire the best counselor or mediator you can find.  You deserve it!  My vision for this company is that people feel served and appreciated.  My passion is helping people and families when they need it most.  Quality, professional mediation and counseling can be obtainable and affordable.  Feel free to ask any questions regarding my theoretical orientation, counseling practices, education, training experience or whatever else that will allow you to experience the best counseling or mediation experience you can obtain. 


You will find that my style is comforting, encouraging and nonjudgmental.   I believe in helping people clarify their values and identify solutions based on the client's unique perspective and belief system.  Everyone is different and wants something different from counseling and/or mediation.  You are in control of the pace and experience but together we will gain results.  Be courageous in the journey until you are satisfied.  Never stop until you find the right person to assist you.  I will be your mediator or counselor during these stressful or challenging periods.


                                                                                                                                    Michael D. Erickson LPC

Michael D. Erickson LPC
Owner & Director


Northwestern University of Minnesota

    BS in Psychology​


Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

    MA in Counseling and Psychology


Trained by FBI in hostage negotiation

    and crisis de-escalation

Active Member of TAM, TXMCA, ACR,

    AFCC, and ACA

Board of Directors for ACR and  

    Collaborative Divorce Houston

Tel: 832-455-5729 (c)



Erickson Counseling & Mediation PLLC

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Tel:  832-455-5729

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