Healthy conflict resolution is of primary importance to the development of a civilized society.  Learning how to intermingle and disagree appropriately is fundamental to our success in relationships and business dealings. Today, I suspect that many Americans have lost the ability to “disagree appropriately.”  Watching mainstream media, I'm convinced that this generation may be the most confrontational society in generations.  What happened to respect and acknowledging differing opinions?  Our right to vote has become our right to chastise.  Opinions have become swords.  What are the consequences of this deterioration?  Bullying, harassment, hate, scapegoating… 


Our children will follow in our footsteps unless they are taught to peacefully resolve differences and/or disagree appropriately.  The Association for Conflict Resolution - Houston (ACR Houston) is a 501.c.3 organization dedicated to promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and conflict management, supporting and developing ADR professionals, and educating our community about the many uses and benefits of ADR.  The ACR has developed programs for schools to teach and promote conflict resolution.  The ACR promotes peaceful conflict resolution in the classroom, corporate America and the general public.  I am proud to be a mediator and active board member for ACR.               

                                                                                                                                                      Michael D. Erickson LPC